Biography of ROHIT SHARMA WIFE (Ritika Sajdeh)

Ritika Sajdeh is an Indian Sports manager of a company. She is the wife of Rohit Sharma (Indian cricketer). She became famous when the camera captured her during a match when Rohit Sharma Made a Double Century and dedicated it to her.

Rohit Sharma made his 3rd double century In ODI Cricket in that match, and a camera captured Ritika Sajdeh when she was crying when Rohit made a double century. He dedicated his inning to her.

Personal Information of Ritika Sajdeh

NickName: Rits

Age: 32 (in 2020)

Date of Birth: December 21, 1987

Birth Place: Mumbai, India

Religion: Hindu

Sun Sign: Sagittarius

Eye Colour: Black

Hair Colour: Black

Residence: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Nationality: Indian

Educational Qualification: Information about her formal education isn’t available.

Occupation: Sports Manager

Favourite Colour: Pink, White

Hobbies: Traveling, Swimming

Husband: Rohit Sharma

rohit sharma
Rohit Sharma

Daughter: Samaria

Family Members of Ritika Sajdeh

rtika sajdeh ring
Ritika Sajdeh Ring

Father: Bobby Sajdeh

Mother: Tina Sajdeh

Brother: Kunal Sajdeh

Build: Average

Height: 5 feet 4 inches ( 162.5 cm)

Weight: 61 kg or 135 lbs

Favourite Things

Celebs: Robert jr, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth

Favourite Places: Maldive

Tv Serial: Riverdale and Arrow

Food: Chocolates

Net Worth and Income of Ritika Sajdeh

Salary: 2 crores rupees/month

Net Worth: 98 million $

First Meeting with Rohit Sharma

On a Youtube show “Breakfast With Champions,” Rohit told that They had first seen each other on a photoshoot when Rohit was only 20 years old.

rohit sharma wife
Ritika Sajdeh and Rohit Sharma

Yuvraj Singh and Irfan Pathan were also available on that shoot.

I went to near Yuvraj and Ritika was also sitting beside of Yuvi. Yuvraj warned me and said that I don’t look towards Ritika because she is like my sister.

Then I looked at Ritika with so much anger. Rohit added that “I did not do well in that Photoshoot because I was frustrated by Ritika in the entire shoot.

At the end of Photoshoot, Ritika came to me and Said that “Is star batsman need some help,” If yes, then I would like to help you.

Ritika Sharma
However, they met each other. They were talking with each other in the photoshoot, and she offered to help him to manage his Property and other works.

Rohit said yes to Ritika Sajdeh, and after that She is the manager of Rohit.

Affairs/ Boyfriend Of Rohit Sharma Wife

A love Story

rohit sharma wife
Love Story of Rohit and Ritika Sajdeh

We will tell you how they became Best friends to Soulmates.
They started dating each other from 2009. After that, they spotted many times together. Ritika had started managing Rohit and his Property.

By the time they fell in love with each other. In April 2015, Indian cricket superstar Rohit Sharma drove Ritika to the Borivali Sports Club and proposed her at midnight with a solitaire ring in the front of People.

She did accept his proposal. After a few months, they decided to get married soon.

They engaged on June 3, 2015. After six months on December 13, 2015, they got married.

The man behind hooking up this beautiful couple is Bunty Sachdeva. He introduced Rohit to Ritika Sajdeh, and he played a significant role in their relationship.

He started his cricketing career at the Borivali cricket Club, so at the age of 11 so Borivali clubs holds a special place in Rohit’s heart.

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As a Rohit Sharma Wife

They got married in December 2015. They had married in a lavish wedding ceremony held in a five-star hotel in Mumbai.

Rohit Sharma Wife
Married Couple

Now she became Ritika Sharma Wife From Ritika Sajdeh ( just for fun).

Some of the Superstars of the Indian cricket, including Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh, Virat Kohli, and god of cricket “Sachin Tendulkar” attended their marriage.

Bollywood superstars and some great Businessmen also attended the marriage.

Relation of Rohit Sharma Wife with Kohli

Ritika Sajdeh and Virat Kohli are good friends, Anuska and Ritika also know each other personally. They all Knows each other and do respect each other.
We have heard so many things that there is something wrong between Rohit and Kohli. At the same, we heard in social media about Ritika Sajdeh and Anushka Sharma.

We heard that they are not talking to each other, but when Virat Came in Pres Conference and said that there is nothing Between Rohit and me.

He said that we are still good friends, and these are only rumours, and I am disappointed by these things which are floating around us.

She is a good friend of Shikhar Dhawan’s Wife (Ayesha Mukherjee)

Social Media Accounts of Ritika Sajdeh

  • Facebook: Sajdeh
  • Twitter: @ritssajdeh
  • Instagram: @ritssajdeh

Interesting Facts about Rohit Sharma Wife

  • Ritika is a Pet lover, and she regularly posts pics on Social Media with her dog.
  • She calls Rohit as the Nickname of “Ro”.
  • She is the Rakhi-sister of Yuvraj Singh.
  • Her Zodiac Sign name is Capricorn.
  • Whenever it’s possible, she always Comes in the stadium for Supporting her Husband, Rohit Sharma.
  • When Rohit tributed his 3rd double century to Ritika, She got emotional and started crying in the stadium. A camera captured that moment, and after then she became very popular in social media.
  • According to Rohit, She is a brilliant person. Her sense of humour is Superb; that’s why she manages a big Sports managing company.
  • She is a very emotional and sensitive person whenever Rohit plays a big inning; she gets nervous.
  • When Rohit is on the Pitch, she always crossed her fingers because she does not want that he gets out.

What Ritika Sajdeh Loves to Do/Hobbies

  1. Ritika loves to travel all over the world, especially in Maldive, which is her favourite destination.
  2. She loves to swim in the swimming pool.
  3. The better half of Rohit loves to do accounting and managing her business.
  4. She is a substantial foody and love to eat Homemade food rather than outside.
  5. She likes to go on a walk with her husband.
  6. Ritika loves to spend quality time with Rohit Sharma. Whenever they get free time, they go on a trip to spend quality time.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs) Related to Rohit Sharma Wife

Q1. Who is the wife of Rohit Sharma?

Ans. Ritika Sajdeh

Q2. Is Ritika Sajdeh Brahmin?

Ans. Ritika Sajdeh comes from a Hindu Family.

Q3. Who is Rohit Sharma’s Manager?

Ans. Ritika Sajdeh is the manager of Rohit Sharma

Q4. What is the age of Ritika Sajdeh?

Ans. 32 years old ( in 2020 )

Q5. What is the age of Rohit Sharma?

Ans. 33 years old ( in 2020 )

Q6. Is Ritika Yuvraj’s Sister?

Ans. Yes, Ritika Sajdeh is the Rakhi-Sister of Yuvraj Singh.

Q7. When did Rohit Sharma marry?

Ans. 13th December 2015, Rohit Sharma married with Ritika Sajdeh

Q8. When was Samaria Sharma born?

Ans. 31st December 2018, Ritika’s daughter Samaira was born on December 31, 2018, when Rohit Was on the foreign Tour.

Q9. What is the Net worth of Ritika Sajdeh?

Ans. 98 Million $/Year

Q10. What is the Height of Ritika Sajdeh?

Ans. 5 feet 4 inches (162.5 cm)

Q11. What is the Rohit Sharma Height?

Ans. 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm)

Q12. Who are the Parents of Rohit Sharma Wife?

Ans. She is the daughter of Bobby Sajdeh and Tina Sajdeh.

Q13. Who is Rohit Sharma’s child?

Ans. Samaria Sharma

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